Years from now he may not be remembered for his life, but he will definitely be remembered for his death.

It’s always difficult when someone dies. You don’t know what to do or say or how you can go about remembering their legacy. However, sometimes you are lucky and the recently deceased has explicit instructions for exactly how they picture their funeral to look like. Maybe they want to be remembered as a celebration of life, with warm and funny stories. It’s possible they’d like there to be a specific piece of clothing worn to honor something they stood for. Or perhaps they just want 50 pole dancers spinning and wiggling around on the way to the ceremony.

Telling his brother via a dream through the afterlife two days before the funeral, local councilor Tung Hsiang wanted a funeral procession of jeeps with poles sticking out the top and 50 beautiful dancers using those poles the best way they knew how.

▼ Totally appropriate?

The councilor, who was a well-known politician, passed away at the age of 76 in December 2016. Many onlookers shared videos of the event and expressed their gratitude for the afternoon of sexy entertainment that isn’t actually that out of place in some parts of Taiwan. The tradition stems from the idea that in death, people need to entertain the spirits.

▼ Totally appropriate!

While it may seem a little strange to people not familiar with different customs, everyone handles death in their own way. Besides, it’s hard to ignore such a direct message of celebration when it comes to you in a dream. We imagine the brother snapped awake that morning and instantly started making phone calls for pole dancers, before some other funeral with the same idea booked them all up.

Source: Toychan, BBC News
Top image: YouTube/SHU QI