Two Digital Monsters are ready to add some serious flair to your fashion ensemble.

While it never quite reached the dizzying heights of popularity of some of its late ‘90s anime contemporaries, the Digimon franchise has been sporadically putting out new content for close to 20 years now. That’s a lot of time for the series’ cast to be inside viewers’ heads, and now fans can turn the situation around by putting their heads inside some adorable Digital Monsters.


While these may look like huggable plushies, they’re actually a pair of highly stylized hats, available from merchandiser Bandai, based on two of Digimon’s most popular creatures. As one would expect, the most prominent Digimon, the tyrannosaurus-like Agumon, who we last saw as a cuddly PC cushion, is present and accounted for.

▼ The chinstrap not only holds the cap in place, it also keeps your cheeks warm against any chilly breezes.




Just like there’s a tremendous amount of variety in the physical form of different Digimon, the second cap being offered by Bandai is a completely different design based on Patamon, the slow-flying Digital Monster that looks like a bat-winged hamster.



Instead of strapping the cap under your chin, you balance the Patamon hat atop your head. Unlike with the head-only Agumon model, Patomon’s entire body is recreated, including its hind legs and cute little tail.



Bandai says that the caps are ideal for relaxing at home, attending anime events, or going to parties. The company is taking orders for the caps, each priced at 3,996 yen (US$34), through its Premium Bandai website (Agumon here and Patamon here) between now and January 31, with shipping scheduled for March.

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