Japanese Twitter has fallen in love with this collection of blissful, tucked-in kitties.

When the seasons change and the temperature dips, cats have been known to seek out warmth by donning tail scarves, hiding out under low heated tables called kotatsu and giving out icy stares to owners who don’t turn on heaters.

Another way to beat the cold, it turns out, is to make like a human and head for bed. And when you’re the furry king or queen of the castle, you get to have your pick from all of the beds in the house, while a besotted servant of the human variety is always on hand to tuck you in.

That’s exactly what happens in the house of Hoippu, as this picture from @HOIPPU_0722 shows.


Hoippu, the adorable cat who’s named after whipped cream, obviously chose the softest and largest bed available to cosy up in, and even has a couple of cuddly toys nearby to keep her company. Seeing her dainty little head lying peacefully on a pillow is an image that Japanese Twitter has totally fallen in love with, but it turns out that she’s not the only one getting tucked into bed this winter.

▼ This kitty journeys to the land of z’s on the comfort of cotton bedsheets.


▼ While this tabby nods off in the warmth of a Japanese futon.


▼ When you’re surrounded by this many anime characters, you’re bound to be having some sort of fantastical kaleidoscopic dream.


▼ This feline is unperturbed by sharing a bed with a couple of relaxed bears.


▼ And the look of contentment on this kitty’s face proves that a giant bed is pure bliss.

While these sleeping kitties have melted people’s hearts around the country, we can’t help but wonder if our other favourite felines, like this one who needs to talk to its owner before bedtime, will be enjoying the comfort of a human bed this winter. Or at the very least, tucked up inside the warmth of a mini IKEA bed or its very own cat-sized futon. Cats in Japan really do have a lot of options to choose from!

Source: Net Lab
Featured Image: Twitter/@HOIPPU_0722