They’ve got your pow, bam, and hadoken packed with some good, ol’ fashioned laughs.

These days, fighting games make up a healthy portion of the e-sports arena. While players are throwing down in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat X, we can trace the popularity of the genre back to a “little” Capcom game called Street Fighter II. While it isn’t played competitively anymore at major events (although Street Fighter V is going strong), fans have a special place in their hearts for the classic game that debuted back in 1991.

With any fighting game, the driving forces behind the game play are the basic attacks and special moves. Anyone who has ever made a quarter circle forward + punch motion on a controller knows that Ryu is going to throw his hands forward and yell, “Hadoken!” Not only do the special moves sound iconic, but the other sound effects are easily recognizable to anyone who has played the game before. That fact is played to perfection by the comedy duo No Motion, who run out on stage dressed as E. Honda and Ryu to perform a live-action fight complete with all the appropriate sound effects.

While the two aren’t able to match the athleticism displayed by the characters in-game, their two-man play pairs just enough of the right motions with uncanny impersonations of the sounds from the game.

▼ Hadoken!


▼ Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!


▼ Shoryuken!


▼ “You win!” bururururururu


The audience can’t get enough of their bit and we honestly wish they could have kept going, but it’s likely each performer only had a limited time on stage. It’s hard to pay tribute to our favorite games, but when you can pull it off like this, everyone watching will probably say, “You win! Perfect!”

H/T: Kotaku
Images: YouTube/お笑いの世界