With impressive moves like these, this is one maid you don’t want to double-cross.

A swordfight in the snow is always a scene of great beauty. For Japanese Twitter user @harima_mekkai, there’s a novel way to add to the allure of a blade slicing through the still air of a snowy environment, and it involves adding a black-and-white maid’s outfit to the mix.

Take a look at the maid’s awesome sword skills below:

Since sharing the short clip online a few days ago, @harima_mekkai has already racked up tens of thousands of likes and retweets, and it’s easy to understand why, given that maids fighting with swords isn’t something we get to see everyday. While the maid’s outfit has been quick to grab everyone’s attention, it’s the awesome sword skills that has everyone watching until the end of the clip.

▼ There’s strength…


▼ Precision…


▼ And a careful resheathing of the blade after every set of moves.


These sword moves, known as kata, are performed by practitioners of Japanese martial arts such as Iaido, which @harima_mekkai is particularly skilled at. Iaido involves a set of steps that include drawing a long sword, striking an imaginary opponent, removing what would then be blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword, all while focusing on mental presence and immediate reaction.

It turns out that @harima_mekkai, who is actually male, has a love of cosplay that extends beyond maid’s outfits, with this short clip showing him dressed up as a character from popular online game and anime series Touken Ranbu, which literally translates to “Wild Dance of the Swords”.

Still, it’s the clips of him in maid’s outfits that continue to receive the biggest response from viewers online. His latest video is actually a follow-up to a previous clip he posted, which showed him out in the falling snow, performing similar moves in a much shorter version of his maid’s costume.

One Twitter user was so inspired by the latest long-skirted video that they drew several pictures of the “Samurai Maid” in action.

https://twitter.com/tatsumi_writing/status/819588139178000385 https://twitter.com/tatsumi_writing/status/819535630094827524

With so many people commenting on and sharing @harima_mekkai’s impressive videos, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we get to see some more unusual cosplay scenes from the skilled swordsman. Perhaps next time he might want to try out some Attack on Titan blades or a Bleach umbrella sword so he can perform his moves and protect his costume from the falling snow!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@harima_mekkai