A scarf made of ramen may not keep you warm, but it will keep you full!

Instant noodles are supposed to be “instant,” right? So what happens when you use them to create something that is essentially the opposite of “instant,” namely knitted hand-made clothes?

You create art!

That’s what Singaporean artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito is doing by knitting actual instant ramen noodles into scarf shapes that are almost as tall as she is.

▼ That’s a face that says
“I made this but I have no idea what to do with it.”

▼ A close-up of the ramen before and after knitting.

▼ And here is a video showing the
long process of knitting instant noodles.

The contrast between something that is supposed to give “instant” gratification and something that takes hours of painstaking work to create is what Cynthia is trying to bring to light with this artwork.

She explained more about her motivation and methods in an interview with the BBC, which can be watched here.

▼ Cynthia seems to want to show that even the things in our lives
that are made for the express purpose of being fast…


▼ …can be slowed down and enjoyed in new ways.


▼ Maybe it will inspire viewers to slow down their lifestyles…
or maybe it will just inspire them to add more fixings to their instant ramen.


▼ The most surprising thing about this whole exhibit, though, is that knitting
ramen for hours each day hasn’t affected Cynthia’s love of the noodles.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling hungry! If you’re in the mood for more knitted ramen, then check out a whole delicious bowl made out of nothing but yarn, or if you’re the scarf-eating type, a knitted scarf made entirely out of gummy candy. And for those with more, uh, eccentric tastes, how about a “sexy” knitted daikon radish?

Source: Cynthia Delaney Suwito, Instagram/cynthiadsuwito via Laughing Squid, BBC
Images: BBC
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