Maybe a little too reasonable, even.

Last month, the Japanese Internet was buzzing over one woman’s vision of the perfect man, which boiled down to “someone who will give me money and has a large penis.” In all fairness, though, that declaration was a snarky rebuttal to another Twitter user’s also imbalanced description of the perfect woman.

So perhaps @hsifgh, who recently tweeted her thoughts about what makes an ideal boyfriend, will be a little more down-to-Earth in her criteria.

Let’s dive into her wish list.

● Even if I talk about politics or societal issues, he won’t say it’s a turn-off.
● Won’t tell me to quit my job.
● Accepts it as natural that I have my own thoughts and opinions.
● Economically self-sufficient.
● Always votes in elections.
● Never asks me “Who did you vote for?”
● Never says “Vote for the same candidate as I do.”
● Never physically touches someone without consent.
● Uses birth control when having sex.
● Stops what he’s doing if you say “Don’t do that” during sex.
● Has an expressive face and often laughs happily.
● Doesn’t show a lot of skin and regularly washes his clothes.
● Takes care of himself and doesn’t have others do things for him.
● Brushes his teeth before bed and bathes regularly.
● Never complains about baby strollers on trains or sidewalks.
● Never instigates violence.
● Never makes discriminatory remarks about foreigners.
● Doesn’t call women “c*nts” and doesn’t use the words “ugly chick” and “old bag.”
● Doesn’t watch peeping Tom movies or child porn.

“I wonder if this is too much to ask?” mused @hsifgh. But while many online dissertations about the perfect romantic partner immediately bring to mind the old adage “Nobody’s perfect,” this list actually seems pretty reasonable. Yes, @hsifgh seems a little strict as far as economic performance and political activity are concerned, and the latter might be a bit of a high hurdle in largely apolitical Japan. On the other hand, a commitment to the goal of mutually pleasurable sex, and a lack of interest in seeing naked elementary school kids, sound like entirely sensible requirements to stand your ground on in choosing a romantic partner.

Source: Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@hsifgh