Technique transforms otherwise ordinary moments into subtly suggestive scenes.

While there are plenty of anime which are created with the purpose of telling a story or exploring a theme, there are no shortage of titles that exist merely to show visuals that a particular audience will find attractive. Those visuals can take the form of heart-pounding action sequences, emotional displays of romance, or, sometimes, just whole bunch of panties.

But fans of that last motif sometimes run into a problem when they’re watching a scene that doesn’t include underwear. That seems to have been the jam that Japanese Twitter user @yunita_a found himself in, and so took the only course of action that would solve his problem, then shared his solution with his online followers.

▼ “Try adding panties to otherwise ordinary anime scenes.”

By adding a bit of artwork to the characters legs, @yunita_a not only ads an eyeful of undergarments, but also creates the atmosphere that the characters are naked under their skirts. Some online commenters speculated that e did this by using an automated program developed three years ago by Anoron, a technologically inclined group that often displays its unusual scientific endeavors at the Comiket anime and manga fan event. However, links to the program in question’s website are no longer operable, and so it appears that @yunita_a made his additions to the artwork by hand, causing several individuals with similar tastes to declare him “a genius.”

While the resulting image is indeed suggestive, the fact that only additions have been made to the artwork would mean that, within the reality of the anime itself, all of those characters now have two pairs of underwear on, with one around their knew and the other around their hips, though perhaps some of those appreciative of the artistic edit will mind having even more panties in the scene.

Sources: Twitter/@yunita_a, IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@yunita_a