This cast of stars from video games, movies and anime retain all their cuteness while packing on the pounds as a lesson to kids.

We’ve seen some amazing art inspired by all sorts of characters from around the world, including Harry Potter, Totoro and even Spongebob Squarepants. But now it’s time for a different type of fan art, which is intended to act as a way to raise awareness about unhealthy eating.

This collection, aptly titled “Famous Chunkies”, was created by Wisconsin-based artist Alex Solis, after he watched a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon with his daughter. When they both commented that the turtles’ love of pizza was out of place with the in-shape physiques of their characters, Solis felt that this was sending the wrong message to kids, so he created an illustration showing what a real pizza-loving turtle would look like.

▼ Leonardo and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pals were the initial inspiration for “Famous Chunkies”.


What started off as one illustration quickly became a whole collection, and Solis believes the pictures are a good way to broach the subject of unhealthy eating, especially with young kids as it’s a quick way to grab their attention. Let’s take a look at some of the other stars rounding out the heavyweight series of chunky characters.

Link from The Legend of Zelda leads the way with his love of meat.


Sonic the Hedgehog might get an extra life after collecting a hundred rings in the game world, but if those rings were doughnuts and he ate them all, it would be an entirely different story.


Mario and Luigi better lay off the weird-looking mushrooms and flowers if they want to fit down the pipes and save Princess Peach.


▼ That goes for you too, Yoshi!


Disney characters also make an appearance with much larger waistlines than normal. Here we have Mickey Mouse tucking into a chunk of cheese…


…and Elsa, if she over-indulged with her love of ice cream.


▼ Over on Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie show us what a life of eating fast food will do to you and to your precious rubber duckie.


▼ Even Lego characters aren’t immune to the effects of fast food.


▼ In a galaxy far, far away C3-PO and R2-D2 test the boundaries of their machinery with their expanding girth.


▼ While Darth Vader plays the part of an overweight evil tyrant, complete with taco in hand.


▼ Over in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man struggles to take off after too many hamburgers.


▼ And Spider-Man is a lot less agile than usual!


Characters from Japan have also gone chunky, like this pudgy Pikachu who can no longer fit into a Poké Ball


..and Goku from Dragon Ball who puts everything into turning Super Saiyan.


Hello Kitty now weighs more than her usually advertised “three apples” after indulging in too many sweets…


…and Sailor Moon breaks the moon under the weight of her chunky body.


These cute and chubby characters are just a sample of more than a hundred works that make up Solis’ “Famous Chunkies” series. To check out more of the artist’s impressive works be sure to stop by his website or give him a follow on Instagram or Twitter.

And if you want to stay healthy, be sure to stay away from Tokyo’s all-you-can-eat ice cream; that’s probably where Elsa went before becoming a part of this series!

Source: Oddworx by Alex Solis
Featured image: Oddworx by Alex Solis (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Oddworx by Alex Solis