These urinals simplify the call of nature and save the environment with each flush!

Ladies, have you ever stood in line to use a public restroom, tapping your foot and eyeing your watch as the minutes tick by yet not seeming to get any closer to the entrance than you were five minutes ago? Perhaps you also felt a twinge of annoyed jealousy as you glanced over towards the men’s restroom – no line at all, with toilet-goers in and out in what feels like mere seconds.

The disparity in time it takes for one sex to use the restroom over the other is probably attributed to a number of factors, one being the simplicity of the male bladder-relief ritual, which is, well… just whipping it out and going. No fuss of wiping up the toilet seat or setting a toilet paper bum guard, pulling down layers of clothes, using more toilet paper to wipe up your nether-region… If only the female toilet experience could be simplified.

Oh wait… it seems like it has!

At Shaanxi Normal University (SNU) in Shaanxi Provence, China, a urinal for females has been set up as a way to not only simplify the potty process, but to save water and reduce paper waste. According to posters adorning the girly pink stalls of the restroom, the urinals can save up to 160 metric tons of water per day.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, but they’re forgetting about one pretty important point.” We hear you, but the solution to that rather glaring problem is actually quite simple:


All that is needed to fill in for what anatomy has left us without is this simple, folded piece of paperboard. Hold it up to your lady bits, aim into the urinal, and let it go! This method apparently eliminates the need for toilet paper, thus reducing not only paper waste but also the amount of water needed each time to flush.

The toilets have reportedly been around since 2010, but surprisingly haven’t picked up media attention until just recently. What are your thoughts on the lady urinal? Would you try it? Too weird? Personally, I could do with a little more door on those stalls!

Source: Youth via TOYCHAN
Images: YouTube/ 娱乐大事件