These sweets are so delicate and time-consuming to make that only five sets will be produced each day.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around in Japan, chocolatiers around the country get to reveal the unusual delights they’ve been carefully crafting for consumers to enjoy on the most romantic day of the year. In the past we’ve seen everything from Final Fantasy chocolates to Sanrio-themed sweets and even some unusual takoyaki octopus balls, and now with Valentine’s Day less than a month away, we’re already getting a taste for some of this year’s delectable, mouth-watering treats.

The latest sweet release to take everyone’s breath away is the “Temari Chocolate” set from the upmarket confectioners Maison G TOKYO at Meguro Gajoen, Japan’s first-ever wedding complex, which teems with old-school luxury and tradition. In keeping with their esteemed image, their Valentine’s Day offering is impeccably styled and draws on the ancient folk art of temari, hand-sewn embroidered balls, a craft which was introduced to Japan from China in the 7th century.


While temari were originally created from old kimono fabrics and given to children to be used as toys, now they’re admired as works of art and feature all types of intricate and colourful patterns. The Temari Chocolates from Meguro Gajoen have been expertly designed to replicate the threaded details found on these hand-made balls, and the edible versions are so time-consuming to construct that only five of these are being made each day.


Sold in sets of two, the larger ball is made from ganache cream, with a hazelnut crumble centre. The smaller temari is a more complex mix of sakura-flavoured ganache, with a matcha green tea ganache filling and a salt-pickled sakura blossom inside. The balls also come with an edible chocolate base decorated with a traditional pattern of interlinked circles known as shippō in Japanese.


▼ In addition to the striking temari chocolates, which will retail for 2,700 yen (US$23.56) per set, Maison G TOKYO will also be producing a rich Classic Chocolat for 2,200 yen.


▼ And some beautifully crafted Bon Bon Chocolat pieces, which will be sold in sets of five for 2,000 yen and sets of eight for 3,000 yen.


The range will be on sale from 1 to 14 February, so be sure to stop by the store at Meguro Gajoen to pick up one of these rare treats for yourself or your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. And while you’re there, you might want to check out the stunning on-site facilities too – the incredible public restrooms here were constructed at a cost of 100 million yen!

Store Information
Maison G Tokyo at Meguro Gajoen / Maison G Tokyo 目黒雅叙園
Address: Tokyo-to, Meguro-ku, Shimomeguro 1-8-1
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Source: Japaaan
Images: Meguro Gajoen