The restaurant chain famous for its finger-lickin’ fried chicken now serves up a beefy Japanese specialty inside a burger for a limited time.

While dishes like sushi and tempura have become well-known around the world, in Japanese homes there’s often a very different array of foods being served up at the family table. Among these staple meals, which are tasty and easy to make, is the humble Hambāgu, or Hamburg Steak, a thick patty made from a mix of minced beef and pork and served simply with sauce and rice on the side.

Often appearing in family restaurants, homes, and even in bento lunchboxes, this year there’s another unique way to enjoy the Japanese-style Hamburg Steak: inside a burger from KFC. While the fast food chain has built its empire on the tasty flavour of its fried chicken, last year they surprised everyone by adding a Coarse-Ground Mustard Cream Baked Cheese Hamburg Sandwich to their menu.

▼ The beefy burger must’ve been popular, because this year they’re following up with another release called the “Luxury Teriyaki Hamburg Sandwich“.


This new burger features a thick patty, made using a “golden ratio” of 70 percent beef mince and 30 percent pork mince, which is then carefully cooked in a steam oven to seal in all its delicious juices. Topped off with some crispy lettuce and a serving of mild, sweet teriyaki sauce and a rich cream cheese sauce, the fillings come sandwiched in between two buns, with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and black pepper to finish off the luxurious burger.


Currently on sale at KFC restaurants around the country for 490 yen (US$4.27), the burger can also be purchased as part of a regular set, including a small serving of fries and a medium-sized drink for 790 yen, or as a “luxury set”, which includes the drink and fries, plus a piece of fried chicken for 1,030 yen.

Available for a limited, yet unspecified time, be sure to get your hands on one of these while you can. And if you’re eating that extra piece of fried chicken, don’t forget to ask for a free finger sheath to keep your fingers clean and oil-free too!

Source: KFC Holdings Japan
Images: KFC Japan