With Valentine’s Day approaching, we know we’ll be seeing some amazing chocolates in the coming weeks, but these simply took our breath away!

If you enjoy the beauty of the intricate patterns seen on Japanese kimono, you’re sure to fall in love with these Chocolat de Kissho chocolates created through a collaboration between pastry chef Tomomi Chiba and fourth-generation Yuzen kimono hand-painted dyeing master Hiorya Yoshikawa.


Yes, the chocolates are definitely gorgeous to look at, and that’s not surprising considering the artwork for the patterns were provided by the head designer and dyeing artist for Yoshikawa Sensho, a Kyoto-based company with a history of over 115 years that specializes in the dyeing of Kimono in the traditional Yuzen style.


And you can be sure the chocolates taste as sweet as they look, since Chef Chiba, the other creator responsible for these edible jewels, has had experience working under renowned French chef Alain Ducasse and served as chef pâtissière at a five-star hotel in Paris.

The chocolates also have the extra attraction of coming in uniquely Japanese flavors. Currently, they are availalbe in eight tantalizing varieties: natural, white miso, Kyo-matcha (green tea), sakura, framboise, kuro-shichimi (black seven-spice mixture), Japanese sake, and Yatsuhashi (a regional confection of Kyoto consisting of a thin sheet of glutinous rice wrapped around a sweet bean paste center).



▼ Here’s a closer look at the chocolates with their intricate patterns.

▼ They come in beautiful boxes that make them perfect as gifts.

In addition to looking delectable, the designs on the chocolates, called “Kissho” patterns, are said to bring good fortune, so these treats might even bring you not only a satisfying sugar fix, but bit of luck as well.

The chocolates are available in packages of three for 1,500 yen (US$13) or a complete set of eight for 3,600 yen during special events at department stores including the “Sweets Collection 2017” at the Ginza Mitsukoshi store in Tokyo (January 25 to February 14) and the ”Salon du Chocolat 2017” at the JR Kyoto Isetan store in Kyoto (January 31 to February 15). The eight piece box is also available from the Mitsukoshi online store for delivery within Japan.

If you’re going to be in Japan this Valentine’s season, it looks like these chocolates could make a great souvenir for anyone who loves sweets (or even a special treat for yourself if you’re so inclined). In any case, it should be worth it for any chocolate fans to check out the special Valentine’s section at major department stores in Japan in the coming weeks, as you’ll be sure to find a dazzling selection of chocolates waiting to tempt you!

Source: Chocolat de Kissho website via Japaaan Magazine
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