You can’t put a price on safe sex. At least that’s what Chinese company Scisky is banking on.

Having been in the synthetic polymer game for just over a century, Scisky Shuixing Ketian is a firmly established producer of paints and other materials. However, recently they have also entered the prophylactic market with a new line of condoms.

Made of polyurethane only 0.01 millimeter (0.0004 inch) thick, they offer a layer of protection and comfort that can’t be beat…at least I assume they do, because Scisky seems to think really highly of them.

How highly? Well, in lieu of a cash bonus to celebrate Chinese New Year, the powers that be at the company have decided to give their entire staff at a Lanzhou, Gansu plant two free boxes of their new condoms. Most importantly, they are doing this while not expecting a riot.

As if shrugging their shoulders in defeated unison, the employees lined up for their bonus condoms. Some guys actually seemed somewhat pleased with their present. At least, they did until they noticed we were all watching on a camera pointed at their faces.

People in China watching online were reportedly upset by the gesture, calling it “terrible.” But then again, if you consider the cost of raising a child in China (estimated at about US$77,000), some condoms may not buy you a swimming pool, but they can end up saving you a lot of money.

And even if they are more lucky in cards than in love, some of these guys can still use the condoms as water balloons, cooking tools, or smartphone protectors. Who needs money when you got all that?

Source: Scisky, YouTube/Qíyì xīnwén, Toychan, CNBC
Images: YouTube/奇异新闻<\em>