If it looks like a chair and acts like a chair, but has over two million on back order, is it really just any ol’ chair?

There is nothing gamers love more than getting close to the action. Back in the days of wired controllers, sitting close to the TV was a bit of a necessity, but avid gamers still love to sit near the screen today. Nintendo understands this, so perhaps that’s why they made the controller cords on the NES Classic Edition so darned short!

The current generation of video game consoles all sport wireless controllers that let gamers sit back on a couch, but let’s be honest, that’s not where they want to be. Most likely, they are creeping towards their television screens so that they can see all of the fancy graphics being displayed. Usually this means gamers end up sitting on the floor, but the combination of sore knees and tired bums makes it not an ideal option. It seems like you need a buddy to help you with your sitting needs, and as an added bonus, help you maintain good posture!

▼ Strangely, nothing is on this TV (or maybe there’s just too much glare?).


▼ Note: Exceed Sky is not a real game you can play on the Playstation 2.


Introducing Buddy -the game chair-! This floor chair is expertly designed to fully support all the gamer’s sitting needs. Whether you are looking to sit on it in the boring traditional forward-seated way, or you are looking to take advantage of all its advanced features by turning it around, Buddy the game chair is probably one of the cheapest options available, with pre-orders priced below 5,000 yen (US$43).


Sure, there are plenty of floor gaming chairs that are packed with tons of padding and in-seat speakers and other “features”, but those all start at around $100. None of them seem to offer the backwards-facing (or new front-facing?!?) design of the Buddy. With a handy foldable headrest, you can prop up your arms at your elbows so that the controller is right by your face. This may come in handy for those who move their whole body when controlling their on-screen characters, and quicker motions come from a tight, compact body!


This fabulous floor gaming chair can be yours just like the two million people who have already put in an order. If you haven’t placed your order, Amazon.jp and other online venues won’t be able to start shipping these chairs again until April 2017, so it gives you plenty of time to choose between the abyss brown, leaf green, shadow brown and vivid pink options.


Who would have thought that a simple chair would drum up so much interest? You might not be able to wear Buddy and bring it around with you everywhere, but this chair is already a hit for your behind. If the idea of sitting on a chair is foreign to you, you might want to learn a few tips from a Japanese master. Buddy the game chair might not be a Nobel prize winning invention, but at least you’ll know you will be playing your games while saving your back. Can’t do anything about your eyes though!

Source: Twitter/@anoano95
Images: Rakuten (edited by RocketNews24)