Yeah, I just got bored, so I decided to bend the laws of reality. No big deal.

We’ve seen people get pretty creative with daikon, the large and long Japanese white radishes, many times before. They’re turned them into Pokémon, depressed snowmen, and even sexy vegetables.

But recently Japanese Twitter user @Zoe_Aishiteru uploaded a photo of what is possibly the most impressed daikon creation of all: turning a single daikon into a perfectly-linked chain.

“The head chef gave me this daikon he cut up
for fun because he was bored lol.”

W-w-what?! How is that even possible? Is it some sort of camera or editing trick? Or did he link the pieces together in a way that we can’t see?

It’s neither of those things – he simply cut the daikon that way. It seems impossible at first, but another chef shows how the daikon magic is done here in this video:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been more mesmerized by vegetable-cutting in my life. And then the way the daikon chain is decorated at the end, it’s all quite amazing!

Here’s how Japanese Twitter responded:

“It’s called a wachigai (“linked-ring”) daikon. It’s in this Edo-period cookbook.”
“What happened to the part of the daikon that was cut away?”
“The daikon was going to be thrown out, so the part that was cut away was probably disposed of.”
“He did it because he was bored? How much free time does he have?”

While I’m not usually a fan of people sarcastically mocking impressive feats with “Wow, you must have a lot of free time,” in this case it kind of makes sense. Shouldn’t the head chef at a restaurant be kind of… busy? The fact that he had the free time to make this has me worried about the health of the restaurant; they need more customers!

Although at least the chef didn’t have so much free time that he tracked the entire life of the daikon in a photo journal.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Zoe_Aishiteru