You could engrave your name on this Your Name jewelry.

Money speaks volumes, especially when it comes to popularity, and the numbers are staggering for Your Name. With a North American release date set for April 2017, Japan’s number one animated movie is about to reach a bigger audience (although not an Academy Award). For fans who have already had the chance to see the film, you can show off your love for the hit anime movie with some fantastic jewelry inspired by it.



The beautiful pieces are a collaborative effort from jewelry maker The Kiss and anime merchandiser Bandai, and judging by the way they sparkle in the pictures, they’ll look absolutely dazzling on your ear. The attention to detail really sells us on these products, as the pouch that comes with the earrings is cinched closed with a cord similar to the one female lead Mitsuha uses to tie her hair. 


Unsurprisingly, stars are at the center of both styles of earrings with the red and blue stones representing the protagonists Mitsuha and Taki. While the long dangle earrings only come in silver for 11,880 yen (US$104), the studs come in either gold or silver for 3,456 yen ($30.50). 


For those interested, the Premium Bandai website started taking preorders on January 23. This isn’t the first time that The Kiss has teamed up with a popular anime franchise to produce inspired jewelry. With this sort of pedigree, they should be looking for every opportunity to turn your favorite twinkling knickknacks into fashionable wearables for any occasion. 

Source: Nari Nari
Featured image: Premium Bandai

Inset images: Premium Bandai (1, 2)