In the name of the moon, we did not see this coming!

Capcom’s Monster Hunter, like Pokémon, is a video game series that releases new iterations quite regularly to a massive amount of adoring fans. Monster Hunter X (released as Monster Hunter Generations in the West) enticed gamers by allowing them to play as characters from other notable franchises such as Baki the Grappler, Yu-Gi-Oh and Fairy Tail.

With the sequel Monster Hunter XX (pronounced Monster Hunter Double Cross) being released on March 18, 2017 in Japan, Capcom treated fans with a bit of catnip by announcing a special collaboration that has them rolling around in excitement.

▼ NSFW if your workplace has “issues” with costume changing cats, but otherwise should be OK.

The famed Palicos in the game, which assist the monster hunters on their quests, can transform into Luna from the mega-popular Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal series. This collaboration continues the 25th anniversary celebration of the Pretty Guardian series, but it has the added bonus of adding a touch of “magic” to the physical combat-focused game. Seeing Luna dash about the zones with a Cutie Moon Rod in hand is definitely a magical addition.


With the large number of special characters available in Monster Hunter X and previous games, it’s probably safe to say that Monster Hunter XX will have its share of ridiculous fun as well. We already think the series in going in the right direction with the touch of Sailor Moon, so perhaps other notable characters from manga traditionally aimed at girls will make their transformative appearances too.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Capcom Channel