Weakest, most delicious Pokémon returns for encore appearance in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Ordinarily, it’s not possible to start feeling nostalgic about something in just one month. Fond remembrances of happy episodes from your past usually just take more time than that to develop their necessary emotional weight.

And yet, when we think back on the time a month ago when we ate a Magikarp, or at least a Japanese taiyaki cake in the shape of the tragically weak Pokémon, we can’t help but get a little misty-eyed, because it was such a perfect combination of things we have a deep love for.

▼ Those were the days…


What’s made it even more painful is that taiyaki are made by pouring their batter and filling into a mold, then closing the case and baking them. In other words, Kurikoan, the famous taiyaki chain that was selling the Magikarp sweets for a limited time in December, had to make a set of Magikarp molds, and since the molds are made out of sturdy metal, they should still be useable.



So imagine our joy when we heard that Kurikoan did indeed hang on to the presses, and that it’s brought back Magikarp taiyaki with an all-new flavor! While the previous version used anko (sweet red beans), the most common of all taiyaki fillings…


…the new Magikarp taiyaki, which just wen on sale January 21, have “fluffy custard” waiting inside.

Hardcore taiyaki enthusiasts are already familiar with Kurikoan’s “Premium Cream” taiyaki, a standing part of the chain’s lineup. The Fluffy Custard Magikarp’s filling is different, though, ostensibly with a lighter, airier texture, and so should be worth trying even for those who’ve already eaten enough Premium Cream taiyaki to fill up several Kurikoan frequent customer point cards (yes, they have those, so don’t forget to ask for one when you buy your Magikarp).

The Fluffy Custard Magikarp is priced at 191 yen, and is available at Kurikoan’s original location outside the West Gate exit of Yokohama Station, as well as Yokohama’s Minato Mirai, In Tokyo, it’s being sold at the chain’s branches in Kichijoji, and, of course, anime and video game mecca Akihabara.

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