Now you can have a romantic dinner and chocolate all wrapped up in one package!

No matter where in the world you celebrate Valentine’s Day, the holiday is almost synonymous with one thing: chocolate. Whether you’re a woman in Japan buying giri-choco for every guy you know, or a resident of another country receiving a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates from your partner, there simply must be chocolate!

Now, our favorite store for crazy stuff, Village Vanguard, has just the chocolatey goodness you need, plus a romantic dinner rolled into one, with Chocolate Curry.


This dish brings together “curry and chocolate’s miracle harmony” in a boil-able pouch, with the contents poured over a plate of steaming hot rice after cooking. It makes for a quick and easy dinner with minimal cleanup, so you can spend more time with your sweetheart.


As for taste, well, it seems like this may give you the feeling you’re having dessert for dinner. The main ingredient for this is chocolate, after all, and is followed by banana puree and… sauteed onions? Other ingredients include sugar, chutney, onion extract, curry powder, and other spices. With such a mix of sweet and savory flavors, the taste of the curry is likely to be something quite complex. Perhaps it’s just crazy enough to work!

The curry can be ordered from Village Vanguard’s online store for 540 yen (US$4.70) for a single-serving pouch, and is scheduled to be shipped out by the end of this month, which means it will arrive just in time for a special Valentine’s dinner.

Does chocolate curry not quite seem like your thing? Well there’s always antidote-flavored green slime or magical pink-and-blue curry too!

Source: Village Vanguard 
Images: Village Vanguard (edited by RocketNews24)