Will the Eds manage to become king of the… cul-de-sac?

American cartoons and Japanese anime are often seen as rivals. Fans of Japanese anime often see it as the superior of the two, calling it “sophisticated” and “deep,” while looking down on American cartoons as “childish” and “silly.”

But despite the pervasiveness of that stereotype, it’s just not true. There are great (and terrible!) shows on both sides. And what better way to show both sides coming together and living peacefully than through some awesome crossover character fan art?

That’s what artist Mikhail Sebastian (mythallica on Instagram) did when he drew some amazing pictures of characters from Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n Eddy reimagined as if they lived in the pirate world of One Piece. It’s certainly not the first crossover that we would think of, but that’s just the exact hint of randomness that makes it all the more fitting.

▼ Ed going into Gear Second as Luffy! And for anyone who doubts
Ed’s ability to summon that much destructive power…

▼ …we ask that you see what he’s capable of after just getting
annoyed at a pebble in his shoe (skip to 9:30 for “Gear Second”).

▼ Edd (a.k.a. Double D) as Usopp launching jawbreakers is perfect.

▼ As is Eddy as the loud Franky who loves to show off.

▼ Sarah as Nami because neither of them take crap from anyone…
and because they both have orange hair. Obviously.

▼ While we would’ve accepted Nazz as Boa Hancock,
the love-hypnotizing warlord, having her as Sabo is an excellent second.

▼ Chopper, the cowardly reindeer who wants
to be strong, is basically Jimmy’s spirit animal.

▼ Johnny as Trafalgor Law is fine, but Plank as the sword is amazing.

▼ Cynical and arrogant Kevin as the cynical and arrogant Sanji.

▼ “You dare mock the son of a Shepherd?!
Have you ever experienced… the almighty three-shoe beating?!”

If you want to see more of Mikhail’s work, and plenty more cool crossover fan art, be sure to check out his official Instagram page.

And if you’re in the mood for another set of awesome One Piece characters reimagined, check out what the Straw Hats would look like as part of Overwatch.

Source, featured image: Instagram/mythallica