If your talent is in the minutiae, you should use those powers for awesomeness like this.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, “paint-over” is where original copies or screenshots from visual media are enhanced through a new layer of paint or the addition of computer technology. Artists working on cartoons generally use this to speed up the animating process, so they don’t have to redraw an entire scene to then add more vibrant colors and textures.

For Rodrigo ICO, the paint-over technique allows him to add a touch of modern technology to memorable Studio Ghibli scenes.

Spirited Away – Chihiro has no patience for moving.  

▼ Possibly one of the most heartwarming scenes in any movie.

▼ We’d find it hard to cry so much with cuddly fur around us. 

▼ San doesn’t need to deal with your antics.

What makes these Rodrigo ICO creations so wonderful is the details, especially on the fur. The original films often couldn’t animate all of the fur, but Rodrigo’s picture seems as realistic as one of the many fluffy Totoro plushies we’ve got lying around. And even though Haku’s dragon skin gleamed in the movie, the multi-directional fur in the enhanced version makes for a more “believable” furry dragon.

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Of course, nothing can beat the original Studio Ghibli movies, but with few releases coming from the acclaimed company in recent years, we have to get our favorite anime movie fixes in other ways.

Be sure to check out Rodrigo ICO’s Facebook and Instagram for the latest paint-over art along with original art as well.

Source: Instagram/rodrigo_ico via DesignTAXI
Featured image: Instagram/rodrigo_ico