We need a water-type in here because this Pikachu is on fire!

Asia is no stranger to cheap knockoff toys. We’ve seen some pretty crazy ones before, which ended up being remarkable due to their sheer levels of ridiculousness.

But not all knockoff toys have to be disappointments. Japanese Twitter user @ROT_RAG proves this by showing off a Pikachu toy they bought in Taiwan that is actually pretty amazing:

“Since I was in Taiwan I had to buy this.”

Right around the 0:13 mark, Pikachu starts laying down some pretty chill beats. Never before have the words “Pika-chu-chu Pika-chu-chu Pika-chu-chu Pi-ka-pi Pi-ka-pi” been so catchy!

According to @ROT_RAG, they managed to snag this rave-worthy Pikachu for a mere 300 yen (US$2.60) at a Taiwan market. But they’re not the only ones with an awesome knockoff singing Pikachu as @723takenaka showed with their own dancing Pikachu that spits a similar rhyme:

“There’s more than just one Pikachu from hell.”

Hey, we hope by “hell” you just mean “dancing inferno,” because that Pikachu has got some moves! The fact that it sings the same song as the other Pikachu probably means there’s even more kinds of knockoff dancing and singing Pikachus out there, just waiting to get their groove on.

▼ And just as if to prove our point,
someone else chimed in with this beauty.

Here’s what Japanese Twitter thought of these funky Pokémon:

“I’m from Taiwan and what is this monstrosity?”
“Not sure if I should be laughing or terrified.”
“That song is legit good though.”
“So glad I saw this while I’m in Taiwan! I got one for myself.”

I think the verdict is clear on this knockoff toy – it manages to ride that fine line between genius and insanity like all of the best knockoff toys do.

Source: Twitter/@ROT_RAG via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@723takenaka