This little kitty could very well become Japan’s ice hockey ace at the next Winter Olympics.

Two weeks ago, Japanese Twitter user @shizukudo never could have predicted the overwhelming reaction that she would garner after posting a short clip of her cat engaging in some serious athletic drills. The adorable rescue Mel, named after her coat’s shade of lovely caramel, has quickly won over the hearts of net users everywhere with her irresistible feline charms.

While Mel’s looks alone are surely enough to propel her to kitty stardom, it’s her talent in the sporting world that’s recently captured her legions of fans. Check out this short video of her diligently catching a series of “pucks” with extreme ease:

▼ “This is my cat assistant four years ago. She’s working really hard for the World Cup!”

If that was four years ago, just imagine how much Mel has honed her impressive skills since then! One thing we do already know is that she’s versatile. Unlike other goalie kitties, Mel can also “dribble” the puck just as easily, as seen here.

Net users should note that when Mel’s not living the life of a star athlete, she’s living just like, well, a pampered cat.

Is this some kind of new calisthenics routine?

By the way, owner @shizukudo has another cat, Mina, who is equally purr-ecious.

Just look at how much they love each other!

Keep up to date with the cats’ latest antics and see if Mel’s conditioning herself for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics by following their felines-only official Instagram account.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@shizukudo