Maintaining proper pitch during heavy breathing presents a new musical challenge.

Outside just about any karaoke parlor in Japan, you’ll see banners advertising which brand of karaoke machines the parlor is equipped with. It’s actually kind of an odd marketing ploy, since there really isn’t all that much difference from one brand to another. They’re all generally loaded up with the latest Japanese hits and have comparable sound quality for their backing instrumentals.

Even the extra content has become pretty standardized, as just about any machine will play a video as you sing and grade your vocal performance after you finish. However, the makers of the Joysound fR karaoke machine do make one compelling argument for customers to choose establishments with its model: they’ll show you pictures of naked women if you sing well.

As shown in these photos from Japanese Twitter user @yoniichi421, the Joysound fR is equipped with an optional “adult scoring system” which user can switch on or off. Designed to let you “sing through a hot, sweet night,” the system plays a series of video clips on the screen. Sing with perfect pitch and rhythm, and you’ll be rewarded with scenes of sexy nude women, plus another when the song is over.


“It gets you motivated by nothing else,” says @yoniichi421. However, like an economics textbook reminding its readers that there can be no reward without risk, the Joysound fR’s adult scoring system will also punish people who can’t carry a tune by subjecting them to images of muscular men in tight-fitting, bulging briefs, the stress of which @yoniichi421 laments is “bad for his heart.”

Of course, as with other games based on the play mechanics of “reward with sexy ladies/punish with muscular men,” if you actually prefer the latter, you can always flub your performance on purpose. Alternatively, you could just skip going to karaoke entirely and watch some straight-up porn instead, But if instead of the standard “bow-chica-wow-wow,” if you’d prefer to watch adult videos backed by your own singing voice, the Joysound fR has you covered.

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Featured image: Twitter/@yoniichi421 (edited by RocketNews24)
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