With a lot of luck on their side, everyone made it out uninjured.

In what would be a nightmare scenario for any family, a car full of people went off a jetty in Changde City, Hunan Province on 28 January. As the car slowly sank everyone inside was forced to climb onto its roof and hood.

The details of how the car got into the water are unclear, but to make matters worse a baby was also on board. While the car wasn’t far out in the water, it still would have been extremely difficult to swim ashore with it. So, feeling there was no other choice, the man holding the baby did the unthinkable and tossed it to two bystanders as shown in this video.

Despite the dozens of ways that could have ended horrifically, the baby was safely caught and everyone made it back to land without injury and it even appears in the video that they managed to pull in the car as well.

And with that potential disaster averted, we’d like to remind everyone that throwing babies should only be reserved for the most desperate of situations. These situations do NOT include using them as a weapon against attackers or during times when you can’t find a coin to flip.

Source: YouTube/Jiǎzhuāng zài mò’ěrběn via Toychan
Images: YouTube/Jiǎzhuāng zài mò’ěrběn