Perhaps it’s for the best that famed writer Ichiyo Higuchi lived her whole life in the pre-Photoshop era.

Unlike most bank notes in Japan, the 5,000-yen bill bears the image of a woman. Since 2004, 19th century writer Ichiyo Higuchi has stared back from the bill with a dignified, stoic gaze.

It’s not just Higuchi’s gender that makes her unique among monetary muses, but also the fact that she’s considerably younger than the other luminaries you’ll find gracing Japan’s paper currency. Higuchi succumbed to tuberculosis in 1896 when she was just 24 years old, and she appears on the 5,000-yen bill shows an outwardly healthy-looking woman in the midst of her creative youth.

Many would say that Higuchi’s portrait needs no further improvements, but Japanese Twitter user @oogileaguernobu began to wonder what would happen if he applied the photo-embellishing technology of Chinese-developed smartphone photo filter BeautyPlus to Higuchi’s image. So he fired up the app, snapped a picture, and got the following results.

By cranking up the filter strength, Higuchi’s eyelashes become longer, and her pupils become prodigiously larger. Her lips take on a more vibrant shade, and BeautyPlus also removes much of the original image’s grain in order to give her skin a smooth, pale appearance, which has the unfortunate side-effect of upping the contrast with the shadow under her mouth so much that it ends up looking a little like a soul patch.

Along with sharing the photo, @oogileaguernobu offered a tongue-in-cheek-warning about taking photos of attractive women at face value, as they may be considerably different from the subject’s actual appearance. “Men of the world, be cautious,” he joked, which might be good advice for train enthusiasts too.

Source: IT Media
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