Unused earphone may not be all about that bass, but it is all about the music.

While some technological devices in the modern era have multiple functions, the purpose of earphones is pretty clear, right? You stick them in your ears, and then you get to privately listen to whatever music you want, whether it be Beethoven’s ninth symphony, Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paraidse,” or Bump of Chicken’s “Tentai Kansoku.”

But while earphones are designed to let the wearer alone hear something cool, Japanese Twitter user @tricoloremiiily observed a rare case of them letting other people see something cool. While riding the train, she looked across the car and spotted another passenger sitting down, holding his smartphone in both hands. In his right ear he’d inserted one of the earphones, but the other dangled free, pulling its section of the white cord down with it in a remarkable way.

Because of how the man was sitting, the cord tangled in just the right ways to look almost exactly like a treble cleft!

Other Twitter users were just as amazed as @tricoloremiiily was when she spotted the sight, with online commenters saying:

“How lovely.”
“It’s a miracle!”

“It’s almost like his earphone is trying to tell the people around him that he’s playing a music game on his phone.”

In Japan, it’s generally considered poor manners to bother other passengers on the train by making loud noises, which suggests that the hanging earphone’s speaker is broken. Still, at least at the moment @tricoloremiiily snapped the picture, even though it wasn’t making any noise, it was still doing what it could to make music.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@tricoloremiiily

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