I’m all for being passionate about your hobby, but that’s a wee bit over the top, don’t you think?

It seems that popular electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera is supplying a rather unusual item in their camera department: adult diapers.

Eagle-eyed Twitterer @AntiBayesian spotted this advertisement on a recent trip and leaked it to the Internet, saying, “I went to check out the popular items in the camera section and this is apparently what Yodobashi Camera thinks is the most effective thing to place in the customers’ line of sight.”


That’s a big ol’ bin of adult diapers, all right. And the sign suggests taking them along on long filming excursions so you’ll never miss the perfect shot because you were in the restroom!

Hmm. I’m not a photographer myself and I can’t think of a single thing I want passionately enough to wear an adult diaper for, but to each their own. I guess you could see it as a mark of dedication if a photographer is willing to pee their pants rather than miss their chance at the perfect image. Unfortunately, every time I see an amazingly timed photo, now I’m going to have another image in my head: a photographer wearing a diaper.

But at least the call of nature didn’t lure them away from adding that elusive Diamond Fuji pic to their photo stream.

Top image: Wikicommons/Roadpath