“Nerf this, patriarchy!”

Women’s Marches in protest of U.S. President Trump’s stance on women’s rights and other issues have been taking place all over the U.S. and the rest of the world. Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and even Antarctica and more have had protestors show up and voice their support for the cause.

One place where the protests have been getting special attention is in Seoul. What sets them apart from the rest isn’t their numbers or passion so much as the symbol some of the protesters have chosen as their representative: the character D.Va from video game Overwatch.

▼ D.Va posing with her MEKA unit.

The organization responsible for making D.Va the figurehead for the Korean movement is the appropriately-named group “For D.Va (The National D.Va Association).” Here’s what the group’s website says about its origin:

“For D.Va (National D.Va Association) first started off as a feminist gamer group, gathered to voice our opinions about (currently suspended) President Park Geun Hye. After the President’s suspension, we decided not to disperse, but to keep fighting for gender equality.”

Since then For D.Va has helped rally and organize people for the Women’s March is Seoul and has continued spreading awareness of women’s issues.

▼ The group produces D.Va stickers and pins based on the character’s
bunny logo and catchphrase, which translates as “Nerf this!”

▼ D.Va’s bunny logo plastered angrily on her chest.

▼ Signs and banners displaying the bunny logo
could be seen throughout the Women’s March.

▼ Stickers spelling out “D.Va” on a police bus
that was part of a “car wall.”

▼ A screenshot from the group’s website.


It might seem strange at first for a character from a multiplayer first-person shooter to be the mascot for a group promoting human rights, but here’s the explanation from For D.Va’s website about why they chose her:

“We all know that D.Va is a Korean Overwatch character, who is a woman yet thrives in the gaming world. The reason she became our mascot is because we thought that in a sexist country like ours, it would be impossible for a person like her to appear, especially after the case of Geguri. Geguri is a Korean woman pro gamer, who was accused of using hacks just because ‘it was impossible for women to play games that well,’ which was, of course, false. So we decided to act for feminism under her emblem, so that in 2060, someone like D.Va could actually appear.”

Thinking about it from that angle, the choice makes sense. D.Va is a beloved character, but it will take some change for there to be someone actually like her in the real world.

If you want to keep up with For D.Va’s activities then be sure to give them a follow on Twitter on Tumblr. The next time a Korean voice actress loses her job for wearing a feminist t-shirt, you can bet that they’ll be there, armed with angry bunny stickers and flags.

Source: National D.Va Association, Twitter/@for_diva_ via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@GeeklyInc