These products may actually have you enjoying wintertime!

The winter chill is still strong in Japan, with temperatures still dipping below freezing in many areas throughout the main island of Honshu. Older homes and apartments are notorious for their lack of insulation, making it hard to escape the biting cold. However, people come up with a lot of creative ways to stay cozy, and there are a number of ingenious products out there to help!

Today we’re looking at five fun and fashionable items from Japan that collectively will keep you warm you from head to toe.

1. Kanji scarves

1Image: Village Vanguard (edited by RocketNews24)

4Image: Village Vanguard (edited by RocketNews24)

These “literary masters” scarves are perfect for linguaphiles, particularly those fascinated by the Japanese writing system made up of kanji (Chinese characters), and the phonetic syllabaries that accompany it. The scarves feature works by famous Showa era (1926 to 1989) writers, with poet Chuya Nakahara’s “Yagi no Uta” (“Goat Songs”) on a striking blue background with white cloud accents. Quotes from foremost fiction writer Osamu Dazai’s internationally renowned novel “Ningen Shikkaku” (“No Longer Human”) cover a more neutral-colored beige background. Both blue and beige designs can be purchased from Village Vanguard’s online store for 4,536 yen (US$40) each.

2. USB-chargeable cat paw foot warmer

5Image: Amazon/Home Moon

7Image: Amazon/Milky Time

If you’re at all like me and can’t seem to warm your toes no matter how many socks and slippers you layer on, this super cute electric foot warmer is just what you need. You can plug it in to the nearest USB port for convenient charging, and it will keep your tootsies toasty! While its main purpose is to warm your feet, it can also be used for your hands, as back support while sitting for extended periods, or even as little pillow. For 2,800 yen  you can choose from leopard print or brown, available on Amazon.

3. Knight helmet knit cap

8Image: Takamiya

Conventional knit caps will keep your head and maybe your ears warm, but not much else. With this knit knight helmet from Takamiya, though, you can also protect your face from the frosty winter wind. This is great for people who find themselves looking a bit like Rudolph with a bright red nose in the cold.  The mask can then be pushed up and out of the way when not in use. We looked at some similar knit caps before, but these from Takamiya feature a different design, with extra length in the back to keep your neck warm as well. They are also lined with fleece for extra insulation, and come in black with red accents for 1,880 yen, or charcoal grey for 2,280 yen.

4. Cat paw mop slippers

11Image: Village Vanguard

14Image: Village Vanguard

Not only will these slippers keep your feet warm and looking purrfectly adorable, but they will also help keep your floors clean! The dual-purpose mop slippers come in three different colors, calico, black, and orange, for 2,160 yen a pair, and are made with a micro-fiber material that helps pick up and trap dirt and dust. The best thing about these slippers though has to be those little pink toes!

5. Damegi “human sleeping bag”


Image: Amazon/BIBILAB

▼ Features include zip-up hood with eye holes, eye mask, five-finger gloves, and zippered bottom area for trips to the toilet.

13Image: Amazon/BIBILAB

While all of the above items are great at helping keep off the chill, the “damegi” full-body pajama suit goes above and beyond to keep you warm and cozy from head to toe. We looked at a “twin-tails” version a few months ago, but this one has its own perks. The front zips up completely to keep your entire head and face engulfed in warmth, and the gloves give you more dexterity and control, allowing you to do more without needing to expose your hands to the cold. Colors black, red, pink, and yellow are currently available on Amazon, and include kids sizes from 1,980 yen, small and medium from 2,680 to 3,680 yen, and extra-large for 24,450 yen.

We know that winter can be a dreadful, dreary time for many, but hopefully these products will help make the cold months a bit more bearable. We may have only a couple more weeks of winter here in the northern hemisphere, but for our readers down south now is the perfect time to start prepping!

Top image: Amazon/BIBILAB