Celebrate the upcoming release of anime film Hirune Hime (“Napping Princess“) by winning the job of a nap.

Japan, like the rest of the world, has its share of both awesome and terrible part-time jobs. But no matter how cool anime McDonald’s makes it seem like it would be to work there, the reality of most part-time jobs is that they’re just a way to make cash.

Recently one part-time job has been quickly gaining praise online as the best-part time job in Japan: being paid to take naps.

▼ Stuffed animal and schoolgirl outfit not included.


The part-time job is part of a contest that is being held for the opening of the upcoming anime movie Hirune Hime (“Napping Princess”) directed by Kenji Kamiyama. The movie follows the story of Kokone Morikawa, a high school girl whose special talent is “taking naps.” But when she starts having the same dream over and over again, she has to go on a journey to find out what it means.

▼ The trailer for the film, which opens on March 18 in Japan

The job being made available for the movie’s premier is a simple one: to take naps, just like the protagonist. It pays 50,000 yen (US$440) per day, covers transportation costs from anywhere in Japan to designated theaters playing the film, and provides a pillow, eye mask, earplugs and snacks. You even get a pillow signed by all the members of the movie’s cast.

Of course, there is one other responsibility that the job entails: dressing up as the robot “Hearts” from the film.

▼ They need you to don the suit at the premier and welcome guests,
stand on stage with the cast, and pose for photographs.


There is no experience required for the position, and anyone of any age or gender is welcome to apply. The contest encourages those to apply who “want to dream,” “are good at napping,” “want to go on a journey to discover themselves,” or “haven’t been getting enough sleep.”

If that sounds like the perfect position for you, then head over to the contest’s official website and put in your ballot. To apply you just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, follow the group on Twitter, retweet their tweet about the contest, and then click the big orange “apply” button. That’s it! The contest is open until February 13, so be sure to get in while you can.

We just have one question though: will a bed be provided for the naps, or will we have to sleep on the floor Japanese-style?

Source: Tumblr/hirunehime03 via Hachima Kiko
Images: Tumblr/hirunehime03