Over 70 years of Disney animation inspires gorgeous designs.

In Japan, the custom on Valentine’s Day is for women to give chocolate to men. While many of these gifts are now given to coworkers or classmates, Valentine’s Day still retains a romantic atmosphere, so in addition to handing out “obligation chocolate” to their platonic acquaintances, many Japanese women take the opportunity presented by February 14 to reveal their feelings to the object of their genuine romantic affection.

Because of that, Japanese manicurist and nail artist Naomi Kabashima found herself thinking of what she could do to give her customers a special look for the big day. She considered offering nail art that looked like chocolates, but in the end decided to go in a different, though no less eye-catchingly girlish way with 12 different nail art options inspired by Disney princesses.


The clever designs got the Internet’s attention when they were shared by Kabashima’s son Kazuma, who tweeted them along with the comment “Nice work, Mom.”

The creations span 76 years of Disney royal lineage, from 1937’s Snow White to Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa, who burst onto the scene in 2013. Aside from employing each character’s image colors, the designs make use of other visual motifs associated with each character, such as seashells for The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, ice crystals for Elsa, and the flowers and ribbons used as trim in the dresses worn by Beauty and the Beast’s Belle and Tangled’s Rapunzel.

And since some Disney fans find themselves drawn to the darker side of the collected casts of the studio’s films, Naomi also has nail art options for Tangled antagonist Mother Gothel, and as well a set shared by shape-shifting Maleficent and sea witch Ursula, plus another split between fashionista Cruella de Vil and Alice in Wonderland’s maniacally blood-thirsty Queen of Hearts.

The nail artist herself also shared a snapshot on Twitter, though it didn’t garner quite as much attention as the one from her son’s account.

However, while Naomi has tons of talent and creativity, she doesn’t own her own salon, and instead provides beauty services to customers who come to her home in the city of Fukuoka’s Minami Ward. “If you come by, she can do your nails like this for about 3,000 yen [US$26],” Kazuma says, which sounds like a bargain to us.

Source: Twitter/@kazuma1028_k
Top image: Twitter/@naonaokaba