These racy costumes come from a fetish design brand that knows how to accentuate the details.

Students in Japan might wear sailor suit uniforms to school, but it’s also the outfit of choice for a large number of cosplayers and magical heroines. For Japanese fetish design brand “School Fiction”, the iconic sailor suit looks just as good in water as it does on land, and they’re here to prove it with two new swimming costume designs that combine schoolgirl looks with the sleekness of lycra.

▼ This is a costume that’s sure to turn heads at the beach or pool this summer.


The sailor suit top, which can be purchased separately for 6,500 yen (US$57.87) or as part of a set for 18,000 yen, attaches to the costume with a sweet bow at the back.


The swimsuit itself features an unusual design that exposes some cheeky areas of skin, along with some small ribbon embellishments.


The schoolgirl swimsuit also comes in a black-and-white variety, with some bright red ribbons to complete the look.


The swimsuit features sleek white striping on the front and some white frills at the top of the thighs.


And to add to all the details, both sailor suit tops contain a clip section at the top, similar to those found on real schoolgirl outfits.


The two new sailor suit swimsuits can be purchased at retail stores like Village Vanguard and online from Moira Design, which offers postage nationwide. If you’re interested in finding out more about schoolgirl-themed swimwear, you might want to check out this other range from Moira Design, and while you’re there you might want to take a peek at these maid swimsuits and school training wear dresses too!

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