Calling all indie bands in Tokyo – this could be your big break!

If you and your crew are passionate about music, live near Japan’s capital, and are looking for an exciting new challenge, then let it be known that a live music venue in the Yotsuya neighborhood of Tokyo is currently searching for a live-in band to stay there between Monday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 9th, giving live concerts and devoting themselves to nothing but music every day.

Live House Yotsuya Outbreak!‘s manager Manabu “Boone” Sato is already well-known in certain circles for being eccentric (though he is sadly no relation of our own crazy Mr. Sato). To give you an idea, we’re talking about a man who staged an eight-day “Birth Fest” in celebration of his own birthday this past December, complete with event t-shirts:

That said, his venue is certainly an exotic spot in the otherwise business-oriented area of Yotsuya. He’s also hosted not only bands, but comedians, plays, and even rakugo performers as well. Recently, he came up with a rather innovative idea, which he then posted on Twitter for the world to see:

“‘Is there a band out there that would want to stay at Yotsuya Outbreak and perform live every day for a week? I’ll back the first ticket through 100 percent so that the members can live off of only that. That arrangement will be broadcast live on the Internet as occasion calls. Going out is fine but there’s a curfew / 10-minute walk to Yotsuya Station / 1K (studio with kitchen) / air-conditioning & heating available / no bath / room is soundproofed, musical instruments OK”

It sounded intriguing, but interested parties were left hanging for more information. Thankfully, Sato posted more specific details on his blog a day later, including the following conditions:

“This time I’m taking applications for bands only; all band members must participate.

Only one band will participate (in the event of multiple entries, I will select the winner).

Every night you must give a live performance at Yotsuya Outbreak! 

I will back tickets 100% (that money will go towards all of your living expenses). Revenue from sales of goods may also go towards living expenses.

You can purchase food outside, but all drinks must be purchased in the venue (there’s a discount for performers).

You can go out (but only for an hour or less, and no more than twice per day).

You must go to a public bath each day (a 5-minute walk away).

Snacks of food and drink are not permitted.

Friends and customers are allowed in from the event opening time until midnight.

Live performances will be scheduled at irregular times.

During the duration of your stay, you must complete a new song to be recorded late on your fifth night of stay, which will go on sale on your last day.

You must be awake by the time the staff enter and tidy up your own bedding.

Don’t break the law.

Give a cool performance every day.”

Phew! That’s quite a rigorous schedule of performing and recording for one week straight, not to mention the inconvenience of not having a bath in the venue. But it all seems like a small price to pay for devoted band members who wish for nothing more than to have access to studio recording equipment and just focus on playing music!

Here are some photos of Yotsuya Outbreak!, which is nestled underground between a Moriva Coffee and Matsuya-san (beef bowl fast food joint):

Interested band applicants should email Sato at with the subject line 7日間ライブ参加希望 (“Seven-day live concert participation request”) and their information. He’s taking entries until February 9th, and the winning band will be announced on the 12th.

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Facebook/Yotsuya Outbreak!