Provides significantly more coverage than last month’s “virgin-killing sweater.”

When a particularly sexy article of women’s clothing catches Japan’s attention, Internet users like to label it as “virgin-killing,” with the implication being that it will cause those without an outlet for their sexual energies to drop dead from hyper-stimulation. Just a few weeks ago, a new virgin-killing sweater was causing a stir, but what about the other side of the coin?

Japanese Twitter user @sengisengi recently shared his idea of what constitutes “maiden-killing clothing.” In contrast to the overtly sexual nature of outfits that blow the minds of male virgins, maiden-killing attire is classier and more dashing in nature, wrapping the wearer in an aura of gallant elegance like the successful, confident hero of a female fan-oriented manga or anime.

In particular, @sengisengi feels that the long coats of Japanese apparel maker Uenoya fit the bill. With designs that combine understated and bold elements, Uenoya’s collection offers plenty of flexibility for the maidens to gaze upon them to indulge in both reality-based and fantasy-heavy daydreams.



However, it should be noted that, being a man, @sengisengi isn’t actually a maiden himself. As such, certain online commenters felt that the coats in question weren’t so likely to slay maidens as they were delusional junior high school-age anime fans. Others put forth the theory that the coats would be great wardrobe choices for those planning to kill vampires or villains from the Matrix movie trilogy.

Regardless of who or what you’re planning to kill, Uenoya’s selection of made-in-Japan coats can be ordered here through the company’s online store, with prices generally falling in the 30,000-40,000 yen (roughly US$260-$350) range.

Source: Hachima Kiko
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