Upcoming film looks poised to buck the trend of mediocre adaptations of anime and manga.

Japan is in the middle of a live-action anime and manga adaptation boom, producing more movies and TV series based on animation and comics than ever before. But the transition isn’t always a smooth one, and sometimes films inspired by even phenomenally popular anime end up being skewered by critics and avoided by audiences.

Still, fans seem to be keeping an optimistic outlook for the upcoming live-action version of samurai/sci-fi tale Gintama. The Japanese live-action film industry has a slightly stronger track record with anime-sourced adaptations set in Japan and focused on Japanese characters, and when the Gintama movie’s principal trio was shown in costume for the first time back in December, the overall response was a positive one.

As the movie progresses towards its summer release, new costumed cast photos have been revealed, with the most recent batch introducing model Nanao as pistol-packing revolutionary Matako Kijima.

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[ #来島また子 ] 鬼兵隊の紅一点。二丁の拳銃を武器に戦う拳銃使いで、「紅い弾丸」の異名を持つ。上がへそ出し仕様の和服で、下がミニスカート(原作では赤、アニメではピンク)という、かなりセクシーな服装である。長い金髪を頭の左側でハーフアップにしてまとめている。目は若干ツリ目。 「~ッス」と言う語尾を付ける癖があり、性格は短気で攻撃的。戦闘でも臆せず攻撃を仕掛けることが多いが、落ち着いている時は常識人らしい言動が目立つ。紅桜編では神楽に唆されて高杉にパンツを見せようとしたり、変装した武市を高杉だと勘違いして抱きつくなど、少々抜けた部分もある。高杉を「晋助様」と呼んで心から崇拝する。 メイクはセルフでつり目っぽくラインを長めに引き、衣装が華やかになったので少し濃いめのメイクにしました!こんなに金髪になったのは初めて! そしてかなり好評で嬉しい! #Wikipedia引用 #また子 #映画銀魂 #銀魂 #gintama #gintamamovie

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▼ Nanao’s pet peeves include people who smoke while walking, something we wouldn’t recommend doing around her when she’s armed with multiple firearms.

Playing Matoko’s blind cohort in the secret Kiheitai organization, Nizo Okada, will be actor Hirofumi Arai.

Jiro Sato will appear as Henpeita Takechi, yet another Kiheitai adversary.

The live-action Gintama’s version of engineer Gengai Hiraga, portrayed by Tsuyoshi Muro (who’s only 41-years-old), has a fuller, thicker mohawk than his anime/manga counterpart.

Also confirmed to be making the jump to live action are Tae Shimura, played by Masami Nagasawa

…and Kotaro Katsura, a role filled by Masaki Okada.

The live-action Gintama still has quite a ways to go before it opens on July 14 in Japanese theaters, but considering the skill shown so far in the casting and costuming departments, hopefully the producers will be able to resist the temptation to just phone in the rest of the movie-making process.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@gintama_film
Top image: Gintama movie official website

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