The King, the Hug, and the Half-Fetus all offer a peak into a sleeping person’s psyche, test claims.

In its attempts to gain insights into how someone’s mind operates, Internet users in Japan have discussed looking at how people cross their arms, make a fist, or even eat ice cream. However, as waking actions, one could argue that all of those can be influenced by conscious thought, thus diminishing their effectiveness as indicators of pure, subconscious psyche.

On the other hand, a new personality test shared by Japanese Twitter user @lenri_rinle examines only the unconscious action of examining how a person sleeps. @lenri_rinle has diagramed eight different sleeping poses, with corresponding traits listed for each.

Let’s take a look at each, starting in the top left of the chart before going to the top right, then moving down the columns in the same manner.

1. The King
Individualistic, confident

2. The Hug
Frustrated, idealistic

3. The Fetus
Pampered, clingy

4. The Half-Fetus
Balanced, indecisive yet rational

5. The Prone Position
Nervous and sensitive, but a capable worker

6. The Sphynx
Common among kids, rare among adults

7. The Prisoner
Crosses ankles, unsuccessful in career and interpersonal relationships

8. The Raised Legs
Nervous, sensitive, and short-tempered, but has a strong memory

Some of these sound pretty reasonable. For example, the body language of the King, with legs and arms spread wide, implies the slumberer feels no fear even when exposed, perhaps stemming from ample self-reliant psychological strength. Likewise, one could interpret the Hug’s embracing of a pillow, ostensibly because there’s no human around, as an unfulfilled yearning for more companionship and support in day-to-day life, which could lead to increased feelings of frustration.

However, some of the other connections are harder to imagine. What makes someone who sleeps on his stomach more likely to be good at his job than anyone else? Why should people who sleep with their legs raised have short tempers, unless perhaps because they’re irritated by sore knee joints and fatigued calf muscles? And when has anyone, barring the extremely inebriated, ever slept in the Sphynx position?

Still, if nothing else, at least sleeping position seems like a more plausible personality test than blood type.

Source: Wadai no Gazo
Featured image: Twitter/@lenri_rinle

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