Simple, speedy solution touted as just the thing to prevent backaches while watching movies.

Japanese Twitter user @itiitiY found herself with a bit of a problem. As a movie fan, she enjoys watching films on the big screen, but sitting in a theater chair for an extended time leaves her with a backache.

To solve this dilemma, she spoke with a chiropractor who clued her in to a way to alleviate her back pain using something that’s designed for a completely different purpose. In order to make the movie-viewing experience more comfortable, many theaters in Japan have a stock of blankets which they loan out, free of charge, to customers who want to stay warm and toasty during the film. However, @itiitiY says you can also use these blankets to quickly make an effective back support.

As shown in @itiitiY’s illustrated diagram, simply take the blanket and fold it over a few times to add a little thickness. Take the resulting rectangle, and stand it on end between yourself and the seatback. Then lean back, and, according to @itiitiY, you’ll be able to enjoy the movie in comfort.

One thing to watch out for, @itiitiY reminds, is to keep your butt pressed against the towel so that you maintain proper posture, instead of slouching and putting extra strain on your lower back. She also goes on to point out that the idea’s applications aren’t limited to watching movies, as it can be just as effective for long bus or car rides, as well as lengthy video game sessions. Likewise, if you don’t have a spare blanket handy, other soft, foldable items, like scarves or towels, will also do the trick, so as long as you’ve got one of those around, you’ll be sitting pretty.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@itiitiY