“Hey cutie, you have a little smidge on your cheek. Here, I’ll get it for me.”

Valentine’s Day can be a lonely day for anyone who doesn’t have a special someone to give their organs and poop to. But one Thai photographer is showing that even if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, you can still show off how much you love the most important person in your life: yourself.

His name is Assarin Saelim and he goes by Rainyokohama55 on his Facebook page where he shows off how to make one person look just as romantic as two:

▼ Aw, isn’t that cute! She’s drawing on his fa-
Oh. Wow. Some of these will require a bit of flexibility, I see.

▼ …make that a lot of flexibility.

▼ It might not be as romantic doing a “follow me” photo yourself,
but it’s less stressful than a “drag me” photo for sure.

▼ Get a room, you two!
Er… you one!

▼ Again, some of the body contortions are quite impressive.
Phone in the mouth is a nice touch.

▼ I’m so glad we’re going on this trip together, honey.
Just you, me, and my desktop background.

▼ “Aw baby, just let me sleep a little bit longer.”
“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

If you want to see the rest of the hilarious photos, then be sure to check out the official Facebook page where there are plenty more.

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Source: Facebook/Rainyokoyama55 via UFUNK.net
Featured image: Facebook/Rainyokohama55