Are you a serious forward-bender or more of a considerate head-cocker?

While gaming arcades have waned in popularity outside of Japan during the last decade or so, inside Japan they’re still quite popular. Six of the ten most popular arcades in the world are in Japan, as well as possibly the coolest-looking dystopian cyberpunk arcade in the world.

This popularity of arcades combined with Japanese artists’ love of illustrating different types of people means that the two worlds would eventually collide, and it’s Japanese Twitter artist @ringo_jc14 who finally did it.

Here’s what they posted: (translation below, click picture to enlarge)

“I drew the types of sitting-styles you see at arcades.”

Upper-left: Bending forward style
Getting their face as close as possible to the screen so as to eliminate any surrounding distractions. An efficient style ideal for concentration.

Upper-right: Cocked head style
Legs crossed, body twisted. Gives others their seat quickly after they lose. A style filled with love and consideration for the players around them.

Bottom-left: Way too good posture style
No matter how brutal the game, they retain a refined, dignified posture. A classy style full of elegance.

Bottom-right: Butt-crack style
Please spare us.

Honestly, this guide is mostly spot-on. As a fan of Japanese arcades myself, you rarely see people not in one of the four positions.

The only other fifth position I might add would be “casual gamer who doesn’t know what they’re doing style,” which mostly looks like someone laughing with a friend, getting frustrated at a machine, slowly reading everything that comes up on the screen, and standing around with their hands in their pockets.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the guide:

“I’ve seen way too many of the butt-crack style ones.”
“I’m a bending forward style guy, but I’m trying to be cocked head style instead. It just looks so cool!”
“I go back and forth between bending forward stye and way too good posture style depending on how intense that part of the game is.”
“I feel like whatever style you’re currently sitting and reading this at your computer is what you’d have at the arcade too.”

Yup, they’re right. I won’t say what style that makes me, but let’s just say that this was a very nice reminder to pull up my pants.

If you want to see more about what your way of sitting says about you, check out another artist’s guide to how to draw girls depending on how many siblings she has. If this one was spot on about who you are as a gamer, and that one correctly guesses your siblings, then you may want to have someone confirm that you’re not a Japanese artist’s drawing.

Source: Twitter/@ringo_jc14 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@ringo_jc14