Test your hand-eye coordination with this clever, cute, and simple game!

Some Japanese artists like to sketch on paper while others prefer to show off their skills in the digital realm, but for some artists it’s the scope for movement offered by Graphics Interchange Formats, or GIFs, that really holds the most appeal.

Japanese Twitter user @haraechi0119 recently became the centre of attention after using iOS animated gif maker and editor imgPlay to create a cute and simple “stop-the-sleeve” game. To play, simply click anywhere on the screen to stop the sleeves and see how long it takes before the sleeves stop where they should – on the boy’s outstretched arms.

Try it out below!


How long did it take you to get the character fully dressed with a pair of sleeves? Some Japanese users succeeded on their very first try to achieve the happy, smiling successful result below.


Others have been having fun with some of their less successful results, like this person who ended up with an image that made the character look like a ballerina.

▼ This Twitter user likened their image to Frankenstein.


▼ For others, this was the closest they could get to success!

With tens of thousands of likes and retweets, people around the country are loving the game, leaving comments like:

“I love the character’s cute, smiling face when the sleeves hit his arms!”
“I was so happy when I finally did it that I clapped my hands together without realising it!”
“This is so cute! But also harder than it looks!”
“I smiled the whole time while playing this!”
“I can’t wait for your next installment!”

We hope there’ll be a follow-up to @haraechi0119’s cute GIF-generated game too. Until then, we’ll be passing the time with some other GIFs that have brought smiles to our faces in the past, like these hypnotic images that never end and these ones of Totoro exercising!

Source: Twitter/@haraechi0119
Featured image: Twitter/@haraechi0119