Correct your vision while experiencing the joy of a kitty hugging you with its soft, soft paws.

Last week, Japanese eyeglass maker Zoff showed off its lineup of Pokémon glasses. But as lovable as Pikachu and his pals are, some people prefer adorable critters that exist in real life, and if you’ve got a soft spot for cute cats, Tokyo-based Underline, yet another eyeglass company, offers eyeglasses that are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Underline has just unveiled its Cat Vision line. The feline-inspired eyewear comes in five patterns, each with coloring evocative of a kitty’s inviting fur. The frames’ corners taper into the shape of cat ears, with subtle variations in their shapes and accents making it an excruciating choice to select just one.



That’s just the beginning of the glasses’ animal appeal, though. At the tips of the earpieces, you’ll find inviting paw pads.


But wait, cats have four paws, right? What about the remaining two? Don’t worry. Cat Vision accounts for the full paw count in an unexpected way…


…by placing them on the glasses’ nose pads! The manufacturer boasts that the pads are extra-soft, mimicking the feel of kitties’ eminently squeezable paws, for an overall effect that makes it feel like you’re being held by a loving animal companion.


▼ And if you need even more paws, Cat Vision glasses come with the special cleaning cloth seen below (while supplies last).


Cat Vision eyeglasses are available through online retailer Rakuten for 27,000 yen (US$230). Orders can be placed here, and shipping is included in the price, although you’re on your own for solving the dilemma of whether to wear them to correct your vision or take them off so you can examine their cuteness.

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Top image: Rakuten
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