The “Pose Catalogue” contains 800 photos of men and women lazing about in casual outfits and underwear.

Whether you’re drawing realistic images of men and women, or cute, wide-eyed anime-style characters, proper proportions and angles are essential for achieving a good-looking result. In Japan, there are a number of handy books and websites filled with photos of dynamic poses to help artists achieve realistic movement on the page, but when it comes to more lazy, static poses around the home, there hasn’t been as much love given to the subject.

That’s all changed now with the new Daratto shita Pose Catalogue, or Lazing About Pose Catalogue, which documents approximately 800 images of relaxed, natural poses, using three models who perfect the bored-and-lazy look in a number of outfits and settings.


The two male models in the book lean against walls in hoodies, jeans, singlets and casual sweatpants.


▼ There’s also a section that helps artists draw characters in bed in their underwear too.


The female model shows off some relaxed, cross-legged poses while dressed in casual roomwear…


…while this listless pose of the model in her underwear is captured from a range of different angles, perfect for sketching manga illustrations.


The 240-page book features everyday household items like desks, couches, chairs and stools to help prop up a variety of common listless poses.


In addition to the photos, there are sections which provide useful hints and tips to help artists grasp the finer points of each model’s posture and mood.


The handy reference manual will be available to purchase from bookstores and online retailers like Amazon Japan for 2,500 yen (US$22) from 6 March. Until then, you might want to check out this guide, which helps artists grasp the finer points of sketching men’s butts, or this one, which captures schoolgirls in action fight scenes. Happy sketching!

Source: Net Lab
Top image: Maar-sha Publishing
Insert  images: Maar-sha Publishing