Talented Japanese dad proves once again that boredom is the mother of invention.

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. Sometimes you can slave away on a project for ages and get nowhere. Other times, an idle thought while you’re in the shower or a distracted doodle when you’re bored can turn out to be sublime.

That is what happened to Japanese Twitterer @muscle_chiquwa’s dad, who decided to pass the time by drawing popular Disney characters with a dash of local culture and came up with these awesome drawings.

▼ “My dad sent me these Disney drawings he made when he was bored. They’re too cute!”

Looking sharp there, guys! Obviously, Ariel opted for a full body tattoo with the common water motifs of dragons, carp, and octopi. A touch on the nose, but of course you can understand her feelings of sympathy for aquatic life.

Meanwhile, the once child-like Christopher Robin and Pooh are now looking a tad aggressive with manly yakuza-style body suits, leaving the strip down the middle largely untattooed. Guess they aren’t planning to hit any hot springs while they’re in Japan…

Despite the fact that tattoos are still somewhat associated with criminality in Japan, while Disney has a mouse-squeaky clean reputation, Japanese Twitter seems to have found the odd combination charming. The tweet has been liked almost 5,000 times since it was posted a day ago and shared almost 3,000 times.

Hopefully that will encourage the artist to try his hand at some more Disney characters! Personally, I’m hoping for a tatted up Aladdin. Hawt.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@muscle_chiquwa