Valentine’s Day is the one day in Japan when anime becomes real life.

Even though we’ve seen before how you can make other people think you’re not alone on Valentine’s Day, the fact of the matter is that not having a significant other on the most lovey-dovey day of the year can kind of suck. But if you’re a Japanese high school student then maybe you won’t have to worry about not getting anything for Valentine’s Day, because the girls in your class will have your back.

Classes all across the country have been showing off the amazing displays of chocolate and other goodies that the girls set up for the boys in their class, since that’s how Valentine’s Day works in Japan.

Here’s some of the most popular displays on Japanese Twitter:

“This is what happens when the girls in my class combine their powers.”
Those lucky boys. That stuff looks homemade!

▼ The board says: “To the boys in Class 5. Looking forward to what you give us!”
Boys who get chocolate on are expected to give back on White Day.

▼ Japanese classes typically have all of their lessons and lunch together,
so they get to know each other more and are closer than in other countries…

▼ …which you can see clearly in the message written on
this board, a straightforward: “We love you boys!”

▼ Of course some are a bit less direct: “We just happened to find all
this candy so we picked it up.”
It’s not like we like you or anything, baka!

▼ Others are more cutesy with lots of hearts and drawings…

▼ …others are just really cool looking…

▼ …and others just get right to the point.
This board just reads: “Eat!”

When I was in high school in the U.S., we never did anything like this. In elementary school we did Valentine’s Day parties where everyone had to bring in something for everyone else in the class (boys and girls), but starting in middle school it all just kind of disappeared.

That was probably partly due to not having a “homeroom class” that sticks together for every lesson anymore, like they do in Japan. I imagine that would make things easier, but at the same time I also imagine that high school me would probably get the wrong idea and awkwardly ask every girl in the class on a date after something like this, so maybe it all worked out for the best.

Either way we’re looking forward to seeing how the boys reciprocate on White Day next month, and if they live up to how some Japanese boys showed the girls in their class how much they meant to them on Reverse Valentine’s Day.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@T_12d