This Pocket Monster is way too big to fit in your pocket.

For the most part, the Pokémon franchise keeps its storylines pretty light and cheery. Because of that, we were surprised to find out that the setting of Pokémon Sun and Moon hasn’t been spared one particular real-world problem.

During the lead-up to the release of the pair of games, it came to light that majestic water/ice-type Pokémon Lapras had once been hunted to near-extinction by poachers. This came as a shock to many fans who hadn’t expected the series to make mention of such a sad part of actual humanity’s oft-strained relationship with other forms of animal life.

Still, Lapras’ tale isn’t too dark, since the Pocket Monster’s description went on to say that populations bounced back in a major way once the creatures became a protected species. First they were spotted all over Japan’s Tohoku region, and now as further proof of how successful the Lapras’ recovery has been, you can order some gigantic specimens from the Pokémon Center Online.


Granted, it may not be as big as the in-game/anime version, but it’s still massive for a Pokémon plushie. At 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) tall, it’s big enough to be considered part of your home’s interior decor, and at a weight of 2.2 kilograms (4.9 pounds), it’s substantial enough that your guests who fall in love with it won’t be able to easily run off with it when you’re not looking.


Also, if you’re the doting parent of a Pokémon-living child, or simply planning to use your offspring as a pretext to order this cool piece of Poké-merch, you can rest assured that Lapras will look even more impressive photographed together with your wee tyke.

▼ Who will probably be able to ride it


The Super-Big-Size Lapras Stuffed Animal, as the product is officially called, is priced at 27,000 yen (US$230) and can be ordered here through the Pokémon Center Online between February 16 and April 2. Shipping is scheduled for July, so make sure you’ve cleared any other giant Pokémon in your home out of the path to where you plan to place it by then.

Source: Nijimen
Top image: Pokémon Center Online
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