Bombs, beauty, and, as this artwork would seem to suggest, other things beginning with the letter “B” are all part of the latest installment of the classic video game franchise.

Japanese video game company Konami revealed their latest game in the long-running Bomberman franchise and its new female characters at the Japan Amusement Expo held in Chiba Prefecture from the 10-12th of February, where fans were able to try the new title for themselves. Konami hope to bring a new audience to the franchise which first came out way back in 1983 by introducing new characters with a sexy anime dynamic, a world apart from the dumpy Bomberman of old.

The new arcade game sees teams of up to four players working together using their characters’ bombs and individual special skills to destroy the opposing team’s base. Players can even level up their characters to unlock more powerful abilities with which to damage their opponents’ blocks or repair their own.

▼ The cute new characters: Shiro the bomber


▼Emera the shooter


▼Momoko the blocker


▼Oren the attacker


▼ Konami describes the colourful new worlds and frenetic gameplay as being as fun to watch as it is to play.


While you never wanted to lose playing Bomberman, there’s even more incentive to prevent spectacular explosive damage ending your character’s budding bombing career. Look, the wee thing in the top left corner hasn’t sustained any injuries but her poor clothes have taken the full brunt of the explosion!

A release date for Bombergirl has yet to be announced.

Source: Famitsu via Kinisoku
Top image: Konami
Insert images: Konami