Nothing better to ensure others keep their distance than a mask with glowing, soul-sucking eyes.

Japanese Twitterer @N_Raiha was out for a drive recently in Chiba Prefecture, just outside of Tokyo, when he spotted something rather ominous in the back window of the car in front of him: what seem to be two Noh masks. While the masks are used in classical Japanese dance theatre, their appearance is, let’s be honest here, rather creepy on their own.

If it weren’t unnerving enough for @N_Raiha to have two pairs of soul-sucking eyes staring back at him as he drove, the masked were rigged up to the car in such a way that when the driver applied the brakes, the eyes of both masks lit up red along with the brake lights.

@N_Raiha snapped a couple of photos of his freaky encounter and posted them to his account, which elicited quite a reaction from the Twitterverse, earning him upwards of 117,000 retweets.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that car has stopped hearts when it’s stopped on red. A couple of other Twitter-users spotted @N_Raiha’s post and chimed in with evidence of their own encounters:

▼ “I saw this too, last year! Back then there was only the female mask.”

▼ “It’s even scarier at night!”

While it’s not all that unusual to spot an itasha or someone with their car all decked out in one way or another, most of the time it’s not with the intention to freak out surrounding drivers (although sometimes it is). Though we can bet the driver of this car won’t be getting rear-ended anytime soon. One sight of those glowing eyes and no one will dare be getting close enough!

Source: Twitter/@N_Raiha via Itai News 2Channel
Top image: Twitter/@N_Raiha