The Internet of Things (IoT) finds its newest home in a pint-sized moe-cute figure who gyrates for your pleasure.

For those not satisfied with merely admiring their static figurines, Kosaka Cocona is the dancing idol figurine for you. Standing at a petite 125 centimetres (just shy of three feet) tall and with 34 movable joints, Kosaka Cocona’s movements are powered by a Raspberry Pi3 CPU which is located in the base unit rather than the figure to allow for easier maintenance. As one can expect from a moe idol, she is slim and beautifully painted, but unlike many previous moving figures, she is equipped with independently movable joints, with, for example, three in her neck alone. Perfect for those who, like me, require their very own nodding yes-man/idol to affirm all their ideas.

But this “Motion Figure” is no one-trick pony that repeats the same old dance routine. Using the MikuMiku Dance software remotely on your cloud-connected PC or tablet, Kosaka Cocona will dance to your tune as you can decide and programme her movements.

This comes at a price, and at the moment Kosaka Cocona will set you back a whopping 980,000 yen (US$8,600) plus tax, and her appearance can be customised for an additional charge.

▼ The attention to detail and painting detail is as good as any non-moving figure.


▼ The CPU and servos are located in the base.


▼ Presumably about to burst into song.


She is only the first in a number of moving figures that maker Speecys hopes to release in the near future.

Source, top image: Speecys